• Espresso

    A type of coffee served in a 4oz. cup, prepared from a blend of coffee beans from different regions, ground finely and produced when pressed through a fine filter under high pressure.

  • Double Espresso

    Two shots of espresso combined.

  • Cuban Coffee

    Espresso with sugar, and topped with touch of frothed milk.

  • Macchiato

    A shot of espresso topped with a touch of frothed milk.

  • Cappuccino

    Frothed milk and a shot of espresso, topped with a touch of cinnamon.

  • Skinny Cappuccino

    Cappuccino made with skim milk.

  • Latte

    Steamed milk with a shot of espresso, topped with a touch of cinnamon.

  • Skinny Latte

    Latte made with skim milk.

  • Café con Leche

    Same as a latte, only add sugar.

  • Americana

    Hot water and a shot of espresso.

  • Decaffeinated Espresso

    Any Specialty Coffee... All of the flavor, none of the caffeine!

Cold Drinks

Only available on our summer menu
June 1st – September 30th

  • Iced Coffee

    Our finest coffee over ice. Also available in Decaf.

  • Iced Latte

    Latte over ice, with flavoring and topped with whipped cream.


  • Flavored Cappuccino or Latte

    Cappuccino or latte with flavored syrup.

  • Mochaccino & Mocha Latte

    Chocolate syrup added to a Cappuccino or Latte.

  • Caramel Macchiato

    Cappuccino with vanilla syrup and topped with caramel.

  • Flavored Steamer

    Steamed milk with flavored syrup.

  • Hot Chocolate

    Chocolate syrup in frothed milk.

  • Hot Tea

    8 assorted varieties, including decaffeinated.


  • 6 Flavorings

    Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Caramel, Irish Crème

  • 1 Sugar-Free Flavoring

    Vanilla, Caramel or Almond (depending on availability)

  • Available Milk

    Regular, Skim, Almond Vanilla or Soy Vanilla